Taiwan to host World Hospital Congress

The event is organised by International Hospital Federation, which works closely with the WHO


Healthcare professionals will descend on Taipei in November. Image: Pixabay

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--This November, Taipei will be full of health care professionals.

Over 1,000 hospital managers, medical professionals, and other health care industry representatives will arrive from 20 countries to attend the World Hospital Congress in Taipei. They will share knowledge, expertise, and experience on hospital management.

The World Hospital Congress is the International Hospital Federation's (IHF) main event, and it is the first time that this has been held in Taiwan.

Kao Hsiao-lin ( 高小玲), a consultant for the Taiwan Hospital Association said that the IHF works closely with the World Health Organization, an international agency that Taiwan wants very much to take part in.

At a press conference in Geneva on Sept. 6, with IHF's Director General Eric de Roodenbeke, Kao told everyone present that as "the country with the best health care system in the world," Taiwan is willing and eager to share its technique and technology with the global community.Find out more about the congress here.