Photo of the Day: Man Ray tries to teach Patrick Star about Taiwan

Sponge Bob cartoon character Man Ray tries to explain to Patrick Star that Taiwan is separate from China


Man Ray and Patrick Star meme. (Cartoon by Aaron Fossedal)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- American student Aaron Fossedal recently posted his version of a Sponge Bob meme showing one character trying to explain the simple logic of Taiwan being a separate country from China on the social media site Reddit. 

In the original meme, the character Man Ray finds Patrick Star's ID, which Patrick confirms is his. However, in the end the dim-witted Patrick refuses to accept that the wallet in which the ID was found is his, despite the glaringly simple conclusion that it logically must be. 

In this meme, created by Fossedal, a 19-year-old Mandarin student who hails from Montana, Patrick Star is covered in the colors of the Chinese flag, while the ID is a map of Taiwan, with it's national colors. Patrick acknowledges that Taiwan elects its own president, has its own government, and unlike Hong Kong, it was not handed over to China. But in the end, he still stubbornly insists Taiwan is part of China.