Maximum fine for water pollution to rise to NT$3 billion: EPA

EPA's new draft bill raises maximum fine for water pollution to NT$3 billion


(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has drafted new amendments to the Water Pollution Act, which if passed will raise the maximum amount of the fine for death caused by water pollution to NT$3 billion (US$99.9 million).

EPA had called for a public hearing to inform and discuss the new amendments proposed to the current act.

One of the most notable amendments sees an increase in the fine imposed on individuals to between NT$3 million and NT$300 million for releasing more waste then allowed into water and which leads to the death of others.

According to the current act a fine of no more than NT$30 million will be levied on an individual if the pollution of excessive waste that leads to death of others. The same act also mentions that the amount of fine levied on a company for the same situation would be “ten times the amount”.

The EPA is retaining the “ten times the amount” clause which will then increase the fine to NT$3 billion for corporate polluters if the new amendments are approved.

The amendments also include clauses that mention fines for companies and individuals from NT$42 million to NT$200 million for causing injuries and NT$1 million to NT$100 million for causing illness or serious environment degradation.