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Idonesian desginer touts Taiwan Excellence products

Idonesian desginer touts Taiwan Excellence products

Indonesia’s renowned fashion designer, Ivan Gunawan, spoke highly of Taiwan Excellence products after visiting a show pavilion in Taiwan’s southern harbor city, according to the event organizers.

“I’m really surprised that all these quality products are made in Taiwan,” said Gunawan, who also designed Indonesian traditional batiks for the promotional events earlier this year. The popular designer said he is more than willing to introduce Taiwan Excellence products to his families, relatives and fans back in Indonesia.

Established in 1993, the Taiwan Excellence is an annual national award organized by the Taiwan External Development Council (TAITRA). The awards select the country’s best and innovative products, based on their R&D, design, quality and marketing approaches. After a great success last year, TAITRA is organizing a show pavilion in Kaohsiung’s Taroko Park Mall, where visitors can have hands-on experience.

Japanese actress, Chie Tanaka, also expressed her love to Taiwan Excellence products after a short visit to the show, saying that her favorite product is a fusion cooker that promotes less-oil cuisines. “Taiwan Excellence really inspires me,” she said, adding that she hopes she can make breakthroughs in her acting just as Taiwan Excellence keeps improving.

TAITRA President and CEO Walter Yeh attended the opening ceremony on Wednesday, saying that the five-day show features various products, including the fields of electronics, sports and leisure, as well as industrial machinery.

“We are promoting Taiwan quality products, so we hope we can raise more public awareness via these promotional events,” Yeh said. The veunue has a designated area for online ordering of Taiwan Excellence products by scanning their QR codes to have home delovery provided in twenty-four hours, he added.

Updated : 2021-05-13 08:45 GMT+08:00