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Indonesian pedestrian walks over scooter in zebra crossing

Indonesian man teaches scooter driver a lesson by walking over his vehicle as it sits on zebra crossing

Man walking over scooter. (Instagram user Budaya Disiplin)

Man walking over scooter. (Instagram user Budaya Disiplin)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Scooters hogging every inch of the roads and sidewalks are a nuisance in Taiwan, and Indonesia seems to suffer the same malady as Indonesian Instagram user Budaya Disiplin posted video of a man walking right over a scooter as it sits in the middle of a zebra crossing to teach him a lesson, reported Apple Daily.

In the video, which has over 38,000 views, a man can be seen walking on a zebra crossing and when he encounters a scooter parked in the middle, he does not skip a beat and walks directly over the back seat of the bike, pushing off on the driver's shoulder for leverage and balance.

It is only when the man is stepping down off the back of the scooter that the driver notices what has happened. The pedestrian appears to look back at the driver and seems to chastise him for sitting in the zebra crossing, and the latter rolls his scooter back out of apparent acknowledgement of his misdeed.

The exact date and locale is not known, though netizens speculate that it is in Bandung, the capital of Indonesia's West Java province. The people capturing the video could be friends of the man as they can be heard giggling as he teaches the scooter driver a lesson.