HSR demands compensation for unauthorized demon doll photos

Even undead dolls need a ticket to ride


Photo from Warner Brother 'Annabelle: Creation' fan page.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) has formally filed a complaint against Warner Brothers for releasing an unauthorized promotional photo of demon doll Annabelle riding the HSR to promote recent film "Annabelle: Creation," reports UDN

Warner Brothers released a statement that their legal team has begun working to resolve this issue. As soon as they received the complaint the photos were taken down from their website and Warner Brothers contacted the company which originally took the photos. 

The photos, originally posted to "Annabelle: Creation's" official Facebook fan page, show the doll traveling south on the HSR aboard a vacant HSR train car and on an empty platform.

HSR spokesperson Chung Jui-fang (鍾蕊芳) stated that anyone wishing to film or photograph on the HSR for commercial use must first apply for consent from the company. Warner Brothers directly violated these regulations. 

When Japanese thriller, "Shield of Straw," requested access to film on HSR platforms in 2013, said Zhong, the company eagerly collaborated.