Buddhist University earns patents for Go-inspired treats

Creative vegetarian science department proves cookies and chess go together

Go-inspired treats receive patents.

Go-inspired treats receive patents. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Students and teachers in the Department of Health and Creative Vegetarian Science at Fo Guang University in Yilan caught the attention of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Office with their Go-inspired baked goods, according to CNA.

The students received two patents, for Chinese chess-style bread composition ( 棋具式麵包之組合) and Chinese chess-style 1,000 layer cake assembly ( 棋具式千層派構造).

The Department hopes that the cakes illuminate how an ancient wisdom, like Go, can continue to be reinterpreted and modernized.

A cumulative effort of six students and three professors yielded these sweets. While Fo Guang's "Go" course curriculum is typically quite tedious for students, this edible interpretation brought some zest to the subject.

The Go treats are, indeed, created from a vegetarian recipe.