Taiwan wants Indonesian students to double within 3 years

5,000 Indonesians are currently studying in Taiwan


Indonesian students visiting the Taiwan education fair in Jakarta. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The number of Indonesian students in Taiwan should double within three years, the Ministry of Education said Saturday.

Taiwan’s government has been implementing a “New Southbound Policy,” which includes the promotion of more intensive ties with countries in South and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, which already has a strong presence on the island, mostly in the form of caregivers.

Education Deputy Minister Leehter Yao (姚立德) has taken a delegation of representatives for 50 Taiwanese universities and colleges to attend a Taiwanese education fair in the capital Jakarta. The fair will later move on to the cities of Medan and Banda Aceh on the island of Sumatra.

At present, about 5,000 Indonesians were studying in Taiwan, but that figure should double within three years to 10,000, Yao told reporters. Business management, agriculture and aquaculture should be some of the domains that prospective Indonesian students would be interested in, he added.

In connection with the “New Southbound Policy,” the Ministry of Education had increased its number of special scholarships for Indonesian students from 16 to 30, and due to practical demand, to 35, Yao said.

On the other hand, more subsidies were available for universities and educational institutions which wanted to attract talent from South and Southeast Asia to study for higher degrees such as Ph.D. in Taiwan, according to the official.