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Taiwan’s EVA Air presents new uniforms

Clothes are designed by Taiwan fashion house Shiatzy Chen

The new EVA Air uniforms (photo courtesy of EVA Air).

The new EVA Air uniforms (photo courtesy of EVA Air).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – EVA Air (長榮航空) has presented a major overhaul for the uniforms of its staff, with top Taiwanese fashion house Shiatzy Chen (夏姿) responsible for the designs.

Green will remain the basic color, as the company’s planes are all covered in the same color. The name EVA originates from Evergreen Airways, and the company forms part of one of the largest container shipping groups in the world, also known as Evergreen.

The most significant change is the introduction of colorful scarves inspired by trees, officials said. Designers from Shiatzy Chen started visiting the airline and its operations two years ago to get a feel for the needs of staff.

“Fashionable and versatile” were reportedly the two concepts that had to be married by the new uniforms, making them both look good but also practical for the tasks of staff from inside the cabin to the check-in counter.

Shiatzy Chen top designer Wang Chen Tsai-hsia (王陳彩霞) described the new clothes as professional and classical thanks to the combination of geometric patterns, shapes and blocks.

Women’s uniforms include standing collars with colors including light green, pink and red indicating the wearer’s rank. The men will be wearing three-piece business suits with black ties and wings formed by green or orange dots.

The new uniforms will enter service in November to replace the current clothing which was introduced in 2003.

Updated : 2021-05-14 06:40 GMT+08:00