Freddy Lim doppleganger spotted at Universiade

Female athlete bears uncanny resemblance to singer turned legislator Freddy Lim

Photo comparing Taiwanese female volleyball player and Freddy Lim. (Freddy Lim Facebook).

Photo comparing Taiwanese female volleyball player and Freddy Lim. (Freddy Lim Facebook).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Much uproar as surfaced after metalhead and New Power Party (NPP) legislator of ZhongZheng-Wanhua District Freddy Lim (林昶佐) posted an image sent to him by a fan comparing his likeness with a Taiwanese female volleyball player.

"Congratulations on the women's volleyball victory "We appreciate all your hard work, legislator." (Freddy Lim Facebook page)

In a Facebook post from August 22nd, Lim says "These past couple of days people have kept saying 'Thanks for all your hard work at the Universidad' I was at a loss for words until today when the women's volleyball team beat the Czech Republic and I received this message."

Netizens are tickled by the uncanny resemblance. Model, actress, and fashion blogger Evelyn Bass remarked "Check out our decathalon legislator." while a top comment remarked "So our legislator practices volleyball?"

The athlete in question is actually Wan-Lin Cheng (曾琬羚), a female volleyball player on Taiwan's women's team.

Interview with Wan-Lin Cheng.

She goes by Pipi, and was recently featured in a video by VolleyCube.

This is not the first time the world's first metal singer turned legislator has come across a doppelganger.

During election season another doppelganger had surfaced, also female.

Image of another Freddy Lim doppelganger posted by Taiwanese netizens on PTT.

Since then Lim has continued to post updates on the women's volleyball team, congratulating them in a post on their straight win against Columbia.

Lim posted the image above on Aug. 23 and wrote:

"Taipei defeats Colombia in three straight sets! I heard tickets are hard to find? Good thing our office got tickets early, there's nothing like sitting in the first row, I can see really clearly! Go Taiwan!"