Hottest female and male athletes at Taipei 2017 Universiade


Michelle Jenneke (Instagram photo from mjenneke93)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - As the competition heats up at the Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade, fans around the world are drumming up support for their favorite athletes in the games, including ones with large followers on social media like the Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke.

Ranked the sixth hottest female athlete of 2017 by The Richest, the Australian hurdler and model Michelle Jenneke is known for her trademark jiggling warm-up dance. She won first place in the 2016 Australian National Championships, the second place in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics and third place in the 2015 Summer Universiade in Gwangju.

Jenneke posted a photo of herself standing on a running track on her Instagram account Monday, saying she loves the hot weather in Taipei. Before flying to Taipei for the Universiade, Michelle Jenneke competed at the Athletics World Championships at the London Stadium and was ranked 21st in the women's 100 meter hurdles semifinals.


Michelle Jenneke(@mjenneke93)分享的貼文 張貼

Michelle Jenneke(@mjenneke93)分享的貼文 張貼

Other beautiful female athletes at Taipei Universiade named by local media including Hong Kong’s fencing star Chu Ka Mong (朱嘉望), ranked number five in the 2016 Asian Championships, New Zealand runner Hannah Miller, Taiwanese women’s football player Chang Su-sing (張愫心), and Taiwanese tennis players Latisha Chan (詹詠然) and Angel Chan (詹皓晴).


The Dutch men’s water polo team has drawn much attention from local media the first day they arrived in Taiwan. The media hype began when coach Robin van Galen uploaded a photograph of the team in shirtless swim trunks that went viral on social media for their hot looks. A Facebook video footage of the Dutch water polo team training at a local indoor pool posted by The Netherlands Trade and Investment Office in Taipei has garnered 73,000 views, 3,000 likes and more than 5,000 shares within a week.

In addition to the Dutch men’s water polo team, the team from Italy is getting a lot of talk on the internet for being a group of handsome men. However, the Dutch team defeated Italy 8-6 in the game.

Universiade, also known as The World University Games, is an international multi-sport event organized for university athletes. The 2017 Summer Universiade is taking place from August 19 to August 30 in Taipei, Taiwan.