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Experts warn: Nearly 90% of Taiwan city kids suffer myopia

Doctor warns about the rising number of short-sighted youths and instructs people how to protect their eyes

Experts warn: Nearly 90% of Taiwan city kids suffer myopia

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The number of Taiwanese youngsters with nearsightedness has increased up to 90 percent, and most of them are from cities.

Today, in a meeting with CNA reporters, doctor Hsiao Shu-fang (蕭淑方) of the College of Medicine at National Cheng Kung University said, nearly 90 percent of children living in big cities suffered nearsightedness and the average age of people associated with this illness was getting lower. The situation needed controlling because serious nearsightedness can lead to blindness if it does not receive the appropriate medical treatment, she said.

According to the statistics, in the period of 1983 to 2000, the ratio of 7-year-old nearsighted children rose by 5.8 percent up to 21 percent. In addition, Taiwan ranks in the top of the countries with a high population suffering from nearsightedness.

In order to protect your eyes, regularly putting dilating eye drops and wearing gas permeable contact lenses (GP Lens) are the most effective methods, Hsiao instructed.

However, she warned that people who use a high concentration of dilating eye drops to restrain nearsightedness, and relax the pupils can easily suffer from its common side effect, which is blurred vision.

Meanwhile, GP lenses, which people wear at night while sleeping to protect their eyes, are another good option. She suggests young people should routinely wear these GP lenses 8 hours a day for effective result and not forget to clean them regularly to prevent any infection.