6% of Taiwanese college students sexually active since elementary school: survey

Survey by condom maker reveals 6% of Taiwanese college students first had sex in elementary school


(Source: pixabay.com)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A survey by a condom maker revealed that more than 60 percent of Taiwanese college students are sexually active, six percent of whom said they began having sex in elementary school.

The survey, which sampled 2,477 respondents from 15 universities countrywide, found more than 60 percent of the college students reported being sexually active. When asked at what stage of their education they first had sex, 34 percent reported college, 17 percent senior high school, 5 percent junior high school and 6 percent elementary school.

When asked about the number of sexual partners they had had in the past three months, 68 percent reported having only one sexual partner, while 11 percent reported multiple sexual partners.

Among sexually active college students in the survey, only 62 percent use a condom every time they have sex.

Taiwan Adventist Hospital gynecologist Chen Shih-ming (陳思銘) said the survey results sent a worrying signal and attributed the early sexual experiences to easy access to pornographic content on the internet today, saying early sex education at schools is necessary to improve knowledge and awareness of sexual health. 

According to a survey released by another condom maker in 2016, the average age for first sexual encounter is 18.9 in Taiwan, 22.1 in China, 20.2 in Hong Kong, 19.4 in Japan, 19.1 in Indonesia, 19.7 in Vietnam, 23 in Malaysia, 22.9 in India and 18.3 in the U.K.