Typhoon Hato closes in on Taiwan

Typhoon Hato is on a path to strike eastern and southern Taiwan, with a land warning likely later this morning


CWB map of Typhoon Hato projected path.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Typhoon Hato is on a path to strike Taiwan with eastern and southern Taiwan to begin to feel the effects of the year's 13th typhoon this afternoon, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB). 

As of 6:00 a.m. Monday, Typhoon Hato was located 20.1. degrees North and 125.3 degrees East, which is about 450 kilometers east-southeast of Taiwan's southernmost tip of Eluanbi, and was moving in a west-northwest direction toward the Bashi Channel at a speed of 14 kilometers per hour. 

It is carrying winds of 64.8 kilometers per hour, with gusts of up to 90 kilometers per hour, according to CWB data.

The CWB is expected to issue a land warning for Hato later this morning with eastern Taiwan and southern Taiwan to start to feel the effects of the storm this afternoon with scattered showers, thunderstorms, and heavy rain in some areas. 

The CWB advised residents in low-lying coastal areas to take precautions as flooding and seawater intrusion could occur.