Taiwan’s longest sightseeing suspension bridge to open in Chiayi County in September


TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Taiwan’s longest sightseeing suspension bridge, the Taiping suspension bridge (太平雲梯), will be open to visitors in the southwestern county of Chiayi on September 23, according to media reports.

Situated at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, the bridge is 281 meters long and offers views of the Jianan Plain, the Taiwan Strait, the Meishan township where the bridge is located, and the surrounding hills.

Chiayi County Commissioner Helen Chang (張花冠) said during the opening ceremony of the Taiping suspension bridge visitor center on Sunday that the bridge, which is surrounded by mists and clouds almost every day, offers spectacular views.

Alishan National Scenic Area deputy director Chuang Ching-cheng (莊靜真) said that after the suspension bridge is open, all tickets can only be purchased online in advance and the number of visitors allowed to visit the bridge a day is capped at 2,000. The tickets can be purchased by accessing a link on the national scenic area’s official website, Chuang said.

Chuang said County Road 162A, the highway to get to the suspension bridge, is small, curvy, and not easy for large vehicles to pass each other, adding that there will be traffic control after the bridge opens. Noting that it will take more than 40 minutes to drive from downtown Meishan to the suspension bridge as the distance between these two places is more than 10 kilometers, Chuang encouraged the public to take shuttle buses to go up the mountain and enjoy the ticket discounts offered to people who come by shuttle buses.

“The ticket prices are initially set at NT$100 (US$3.2) for adults, NT$80 for students and people taking shuttle buses, NT$50 for children and people over 65 years old, and NT$30 for Chiayi citizens,” Chuang said.