CWB says Typhoon Hato is approaching and a sea warning may be issued in the evening

The 13th typhoon of the year was observed moving westwards on Sunday afternoon and might start influencing the east coast of Taiwan soon.


Typhoon Hato is approaching Taiwan. (Source: Central Weather Bureau)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Even though the summer heat continued to permeate across the island as of now, the Central Weather Bureau announced Sunday afternoon that the 13th typhoon of the year, Hato, was approaching Taiwan and thus it was expected to issue a sea warning in the evening.

During the Sunday daytime, people continued to experience high temperatures of over 30 degrees around Taiwan, with the temperatures of the Taipei metropolitan areas even reaching 37 degrees, according to the CWB.

However, the CWB said in the afternoon that a tropical depression, originally observed at 880 kilometers away from Eluanbi, Pingtung County, had developed into Typhoon Hato and was moving closer to Taiwan at an hourly speed of 17 kilometers.

The CWB said it was likely to issue a sea warning in the evening.

Earlier in the morning the CWB said the south and east of the island would start experiencing the effect of the tropical depression, now a typhoon, on Monday, particularly strong winds and waves around Bashi Channel and coastal areas in the southeast of Taiwan.