Hot Hungarian athlete trained in China but loves Taiwan

'Hot Women of Sport' Hungarian Water Polo athlete says she likes Taiwan more than China


Greta Gurisatti. (Image from thehottestwomeninsport.blogspot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After completing a week of training in Shanghai, China, a hot Hungarian women's water polo athlete says that she loves everything about Taiwan and much prefers it to China, reported Liberty Times

Hot on the heels of being added to the website "Hot Women of Sport" in July for her alluring looks and feminine physique, 21-year-old Hungarian water polo player Greta Gurisatti is making her first trip to Taiwan to compete in the 2017 Taipei Universiade. 

On the first day of competition today, her Hungarian squad crushed their Japanese opponents 17 to 6 in a preliminary match. After the victory, Gurisatti said "We reviewed a lot of video footage of our opponents yesterday and today I think we played a very good game."

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Her arrival in Taipei marks her first time visiting Taiwan and she said that in comparison to Shanghai, she feels that she could be more able to adapt to the weather. She said that the Universiade staff are very cordial and "the food here is delicious, and comparing China and Taiwan overall, I like Taiwan even more."

Gurisatti lamented that she is mainly in Taiwan to compete and will not have many opportunities to explore. She also said that because she is staying at the athlete's village in New Taipei City's Linkou District, she is far away from the action. Gurisatti hopes to get a chance to explore Taipei when her team gets a rest day. 

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