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2 Taiwanese tourists injured in Barcelona terrorist attack

A Taiwanese mother and her daughter suffered minor injuries during the Barcelona terrorist attack

Injured people are treated in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday

Injured people are treated in Barcelona, Spain, Thursday (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Two Taiwanese tourists suffered minor injuries during Thursday's horrific terrorist attack in which a van mowed down pedestrians on a busy walkway in Barcelona, Spain killing 13 and injuring 100.

The late afternoon attack struck Barcelona's historic Las Ramblas district leaving victims sprawled on the street, many covered in blood or writhing in agony from their injuries.

When attack occurred, the mother and daughter duo were part of a Taiwanese tour group of 30 wrapping up their tour of Spain, with their flight scheduled to depart later that day. The mother suffered minor bone fractures, while the daughter had several abrasions.

As the group was told by police to take cover in a nearby shop and traffic was halted for safety after the attack, they were not able to make their flight back to Taiwan. The group is planning on trying to make a return flight to Taiwan on Aug. 18.

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Spain (its de facto embassy) received an emergency call from the Taiwanese tour group reporting the incident. However, all other members of the tour group were reported to be safe and unharmed. As of publication, the Taiwanese office in Spain had not received any other reports of injuries to Taiwanese nationals in Spain as a result of the attack.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack saying in a statement on its news agency that the attack was launched by "soldiers of the Islamic State" in response to the group's call to attack countries taking part in the coalition to wipe out the group in Syria and Iraq.