A Japanese gives up nationality to become Taiwanese

Nakajima decided to repay Taiwan after the massive earthquake struck Japan in 2011


Kennichi Nakajima in Taiwan (Photo courtesy of Kennichi Nakajima)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Japanese posted his Taiwan ID card on his thirtieth birthday on Thursday, announcing that he has given up his Japanese nationality to become a Taiwanese citizen.

Kennichi Nakajima (中島健一), who has lived in Taiwan for 16 years, introduced himself with some photos he took in Taiwan on the Facebook group Breaking News Commune (爆料公社). Nakajima’s parents are both Japanese. He moved to Taiwan 16 years ago after his mother remarried to a Taiwanese. He decided to become a Taiwanese when he truly felt how kind-hearted Taiwanese are after the Tōhoku earthquake struck Japan in 2011. The Taiwanese donated more money to Japan for the disaster relief than any other country or region in the world. “Taiwan really helped Japan a lot by delivering a lot of rescues teams, supplies and donations,” added Nakajima.

Nakajima's Taiwanese ID card (Photo courtesy of 爆料公社)

Nakajima has tried to repay Taiwanese people after the earthquake by picking up the garbage on the streets and beaches, media reported. The more he devotes himself, the more he realizes that there are countless people who need help. Therefore, he decided to give up his Japanese citizenship and work hard to get a disaster relief license in Taiwan to protect more people in his favorite country.

The decision he made is his biggest goal in his life, said Nakajima. “After tens of thousands of people disappeared because of the earthquake in Japan, I swore to protect as many people as possible with my bare hands.”