Photo of the day: Brazilian athlete towers over Taiwan's 'Cutest Policewoman'

Taiwanese netizens go gaga over imposing Brazilian volleyball player and a super cute lady cop


Breaking News Commune image (爆廢公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- With the Taipei 2017 Universiade only days away, athletes from around the world are flocking to Taiwan's capital city, and in this case a photo of a statuesque Brazilian volleyball player with a petite police officer has gone viral. 

The female police officer pictured on the right was recognized by netizens as 30-year-old Chen Pai-ting (陳柏婷), a member of the Taipei City police force. In 2013, she was given the title of "The Cutest Policewoman," after a male scooter driver who she pulled over for a traffic violation became instantly infatuated with her, despite the encounter lasting a mere 3 seconds.  He posted his helmet cam video of his interaction with the cute cop and she soon became an internet sensation. 

The photo, posted on Breaking News Commune (爆廢公社), garnered 11,000 likes, 164 shares, and 142 comments.

Breaking News Commune image.

Naturally, many comments speculated on the height of the Brazilian:

"With such a strong build, who's protecting who?"

"This Brazilian athlete is at least 180 cm tall."

"No, she's got to be at least 200 cm tall."

"This body is really incredible."

While many others fixed on the pretty policewoman:

"Wow, she's really so beautiful."

"Her smile is so sweet."

"I'm already in love."

"Is she the beauty that was in the news before?"

"I beg you, please tell me who she is?"

Photo of Chen posted on PTT. 

Chen in civilian attire. (Imgur image)