Taiwan power plants cause Sun Moon Lake level to drop

Six out of "Nine Frog Acrobats" have emerged from the lake


The Nine Frog Acrobats in better days. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Power plants relying on Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) in Nantou County have caused water levels in the scenic lake to drop so much that six out of nine frogs part of an iconic statue have emerged, reports said Wednesday.

A massive blackout affected more than 6 million households across Taiwan on Tuesday, focusing renewed attention on the island nation’s energy needs.

The country counts two water power stations, Daguan (大觀) and Mingtan (明潭), which rely for their water supply on Sun Moon Lake, one of Taiwan’s most popular tourism destinations.

However, their needs for water have caused the level of the lake to drop by 2 meter, reports said Wednesday.

The lake is home to the “Nine Frog Acrobats,” a statue of nine frogs on top of each other, which are submerged when water levels are high. When a drought hits, media will report how many of the sculpted animals are visible in order to indicate how serious the situation is.

On Wednesday, only three of the nine frogs were still under water, reports said. However, the falling water level was not affecting the position of piers and the functioning of cruise vessels for tourists, officials said.