Taiwanese marriages decrease while divorces increase

The number of married couples registered in July 2017 was 8,920, a decrease of 15.18% compared with the same period last year


Image taken from wikipedia (By Agencies)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) --- Taiwanese marriages decreased last month in comparison with the same period last year, while divorces increased, according to the Department of Household Registration, Ministry of the Interior.

The number of married couples registered in July 2017 was 8,920, a decrease of 15.18% compared with the same period last year. A total of 4,641 couples got divorced in July this year, which represented a 3.83%  year-over-year increase, the department said.

New Taipei City is leading other municipalities  in the number of weddings, with 3,050 couples getting married last month, followed by 2,312 in Taichung, 2,278 in Taipei, 2,008 in Taoyuan, 1,974 in Kaohsiung and 1,254 in Tainan, it said.

Taoyuan has the highest marriage rate in the nation at 5.45%, followed by Keelung 5.03% and 4.99% in Taipei.  

In 2016 the average age of marriage was 34.4 for men and 31.5 for women, higher than the 32.6 for men and 29 for women from a decade ago.

An estimated number of 4.4 million people between ages of 20-40 are single, the department said.

The ministry also reported that the number of women from China or Southeast Asia who married Taiwanese men has declined significantly. Chinese brides have decreased from 13,641 to 7,849 in the past decade.