Taiwanese university throws 50 Chinese students out of dormitory

The students failed to clean up their room before the summer break: reports


Chinese Culture University (photo courtesy of CCU).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Chinese Culture University (文化大學) in Taipei forced more than 50 Chinese students to leave their college residence for failing to clean up at the end of the academic year, reports said Wednesday.

Most of the students who were in their second to fourth year at the school had headed home to China for the summer holidays, but the university’s decision made it unclear whether they would have a place to stay when returning later this year.

The semi-official Straits Exchange Foundation (海基會), which handles Taiwan-China interaction on Taiwan’s behalf, said it was still investigating the case and would provide eventual assistance to the students to protect their rights.

The university, which is located in the Yangmingshan hills area north of Taipei, was reportedly planning to hold a meeting next Monday to address the affair. The Chinese students had either failed to clean up their room or done so to an insufficient degree before leaving on their summer break, reports said.

The university said only about 20 out of 51 students from China had failed to follow the rules, and had been informed by phone that they should return to Taipei before the end of August to put things right. School administrators said the same regulations applied to Taiwanese and to foreign residents of the dormitory buildings, but this time only students from China had neglected to follow them.

According to the rules, students have to put everything in order between June 23 and 25, and also move their belongings to their room for the next term during that period. Any possessions left behind would be treated as garbage to be removed, while students were also asked to respect that period when booking their flights home.

A lack of respect for those rules might lead students to be refused a place at a university residence for the next academic year, reports said.

According to Taiwanese media reports, some Chinese students complained they had also received a notice from the university informing them of the punishment even though they had cleaned up their room following the rules.