Japanese travelers to Taiwan can now experience more privileges

Japanese travelers now can travel to Taiwan with just a valid passport.


Image Source Freshtrax

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Tuesday, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) announced that Japanese travelers can now experience extended travel privileges when traveling to Taiwan.

In the past Japanese travelers had to make sure their passport was at least valid for three months before entering Taiwan, but this rule will now be lifted and the travelers can enter Taiwan if their passports are valid only until the time of their stay.

"We made the decision based on the friendly relations between Taiwan and Japan and the principle of reciprocity. We believe the new measure will facilitate the travel of the Japanese to Taiwan,” said Winston Chung (鍾文正), deputy director general of Bureau of Consular Affairs, at a news briefing.

Taiwanese travelers already enjoy this privilege when traveling to Japan. But until now, the Japanese had to show a passport that is at least valid for three months before entering Taiwan.

The deputy director-general said the changes were made after Japan expressed hopes that Taiwan would reciprocate the generous privilege they offered to its nationals.

The 90-day visa exempt travel will still remain unaffected after the new initiative.

In addition to lifting restrictions on Japanese travelers, Taiwan is reportedly also making efforts to ease travel rules for Southeast Asian countries and hopes those countries would reciprocate Taiwan's goodwill with the same treatment for Taiwanese travelers to their countries.

To promote President Tsai's New South Bound Policy, Taiwan has offered visa free treatment to Thai and Brunei citizens and E-visas to Philippine visitors, and also issued multiple-entry visas to people from other ASEAN countries.

These initiatives, according to Chung, have boosted visits to Taiwan especially from Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippines.