Taiwanese woman who shocked Internet with her young looks marks 42nd birthday

Lure Hsu has two sisters and 63-year-old mother with similar looks


Lure Hsu (center), with sisters Fayfay (left) and Sharon. (photo from Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taiwanese woman who turned into an international media sensation due to her young looks, Lure Hsu (許路兒), marked her 42nd birthday Monday.

The interior decorator and fashion blogger is a sister of actress Sharon Hsu (許維恩), and her pictures went around the world earlier this year as she caught the attention of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

On Monday, her two sisters joined her with other family and friends to celebrate her latest birthday.

In June, the Daily Mail reported how Hsu “shocked millions with her teenage-like appearance” and had received the nickname of “goddess with the frozen age.” The paper also mentioned that she had two sisters who looked equally young and a 63-year-old mother who was sometimes mistaken for an elder sister.

Hsu made her first television appearance in Taiwan due to her prominent sister in 2015, but it was only months later that her birthday was mentioned, causing a wave of disbelief.

The fashion icon has since collected hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram, Facebook and Weibo.

In interviews, she attributed her surprising looks to a combination of healthy habits, such as consuming large amounts of water, staying away from overexposure to direct sunlight, and limited eating of greasy and sugary foods.