New board game, 'Run, Animals Run!!,' reverses roles of humans and endangered animals

New board games put Taiwan animal rights on the table

Run, Animals Run!! Photo from zeczec page.

Run, Animals Run!! Photo from zeczec page.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's popular animal activist group, Zoo of Depression (厭世動物園), known for their existential animal characterizations and illustrations, announced the release of their board game, "Run Animals, Run!!" (厭世動!園: 動物大逃殺).

In an interview with Ming Pao Weekly (明周文化), the creators of Run Animals, Run!! said they hope the game will "give players the chance to act out the misfortunes that many Taiwan animals experience, to experience for themselves their helplessness of life." What's more, the creators hope the game will bring to light important and often ignored animal rights issues.

The board game is the fruit of a collaborative project between Zoo of Depression and two of Taiwan's leading board game teams, Teenage Riot and Homosapiens Lab.

"Run Animals, Run!!" went live on crowd-funding site ZecZec (嘖嘖) July 31 this year. Their target amount to raise was reached within just two days. Currently the game has raised over NT$1 million (US$33,000) and can be purchased for NT$880. The creators wish to remind everyone however, that:

"...beaks and snouts can't save a nation, neither can merely playing a game save the animals."

The creators hope the game will inspire people to further explore biological activism as it suits them.

To play the game, each player assumes one of Taiwan's animals is in peril: a leopard cat, Taiwan black bear, tree frog, or a fairy pitta bird. The object of the game is for each animal to find a way to fight against human's destruction of resources with the little power (determined by cards drawn) they have.