After 15 years of paralysis in bed, painter in Taiwan's Hualien wishes to have his own exhibition

“I can’t sleep at night because I keep thinking about going to Taipei”, says Jin Gen Hong(金根鴻)

(By Central News Agency)

“I can’t sleep at night because I keep thinking about going to Taipei”, says Jin Gen Hong(金根鴻). The 38-year-old man got into a car accident 15 years ago when he was only 23.

The accident caused him to paralyze below his neck and he can only move his left arm. He has been lying in bed since then. He says that occasionally he would watch stories on TV about mouth painters, so he decided he wanted to try.

Through Tzu Chi community volunteers, he was able to meet the mouth painter, Xie Kun Shan (謝坤山), who had his own share of tragedy. He was seriously injured after he touched high-voltage when he was 16. Because of this accident he lost his hands, right leg, and later also sight in his right eye.  "Since then, I've not encountered any difficulties, because I've never looked at what I've lost; instead I've only cherished what I have", said Xie. These words were a great inspiration to Jin.

For more than two years Jin has been making great progress on his painting. And now he is ready to let the public see his work.

Since he sees the world in an 45-degree angle due to his condition, his organizers decided to name the exhibition  "45-degree angle painter Jin Gen Hong's work exhibition", which will be held from Aug 15 to Aug 30 at Taipei Huashan Creative Park, and from Oct 3 to  Oct 31 at the Shun Yi Taiwan Aboriginal Museum.