Taiwan's first national indigenous radio station, Alian 96.3, launched

First airplay on UN International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples,

Children celebrate the launch of Alian 96.3 with traditional songs

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--Alian 96.3, Taiwan’s indigenous radio station was launched today on the UN's International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. It was launched by the Indigenous Peoples’ Cultural Foundation, and is the first national indigenous radio station in Taiwan. It which is expected to reach over 94 per cent of the Taiwan’s tribes and contact 75% of the indigenous population.

Veteran radio host Liao Wei-fan said that he had worked on preparations for the radio station for about a year, but initially was involved only in planning. About three months ago, more concrete plans for specific radio programs began to take shape. Liao said that recruiting staff was the biggest difficulty.

Liao said that the radio naturally wanted to select indigenous people, then they must also be radio professionals. However the radio station was not quite what the public may expect from the name, with only indigenous people speaking to indigenous people. Catering to indigenous people is the station’s main goal, but Liao also hopes that the programs can raise general public awareness of, and act as a bridge to, indigenous culture.

Therefore, regardless of the program host or sound engineers, software and other behind-the-scenes staff, some are not indigenous people.

Alian 96.3 will broadcast 15 different types of programs, including magazine programs, music and entertainment, food and cooking, social insights, sightseeing, international information, parenting, art and literature, sports and health, and so on. Among this wide range of programs is one noticeable absence: there are no political talk shows.

Liao pointed out that "the team insisted on no political programing." He said that Taiwan has many political programs, on both radio and TV --but Taiwan has not changed for the better. Political programs do not necessarily tell the truth, and Aline 96.3 aims to share love, care and encouragement, thus, no political programs.

Liao said that in the future the station will frequently be out in the community and villages making programs, so that there is more interaction between the community and its radio station.