Mini Taiwanese popcorn chicken stand mouth-wateringly realistic

Intricately detailed miniature Taiwanese popcorn chicken stand took 15 weeks to perfect

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwanese netizen, who goes by the name JIN JIN, has created an amazingly lifelike model of a Taiwanese style popcorn chicken stand down to the tiniest detail, overseen by its own living "boss," -- a cute little one-and-a-half-year-old hamster named Ku Ku (菇菇, mushroom mushroom).

Modeled after the iconic popcorn chicken stands found in many Taiwanese night markets, the pint-sized version is replete with replicas of all the accoutrements found at such stands, including vegetables, meats, Chinese signage, utensils, plastic takeout bags, deep fryer, sink, refrigerator, utensils, seasonings, Taiwanese dollars, corrugated metal walls, garbage bags, and much more.

Ku Ku overseeing his popcorn chicken stand. 

Perhaps even more impressive is the worn look as would be seen in a real-life night market stand complete with soot, dust, dirt, and grime, all executed in exquisite detail. 

Every facet of popcorn chicken stand depicted. Note seasoning, dingy sign and soot on wall. 

JIN JIN began studying the art of creating miniatures under the tutelage Lin Ching-i (林靜宜), owner of Melissa's Miniature in March of this year. Before taking on the popcorn chicken challenge, during her studies she has completed models of a myriad of subjects such as dolls, doll houses, plants, vegetables, Taiwanese dollars, a koi fish pond, and a house for Ku Ku.  

Ku Ku checking to make sure fridge is stocked for another busy day. 

She employed the skills acquired with these previous projects to complete her popcorn chicken stand over the course of 15 weeks and then posted her masterpiece on her Facebook page, before a member of Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) in turn posted it on their page, where it received 7,600 likes, 362 shares, and 458 comments. 

Of course it lights up at night. 

The process of making the mini paper money.

She even included the kitchen sink!

The sign reads, "Please pay first."