World's largest bike garage in Netherlands nears completion

Utrecht, Netherlands will soon have the largest bike parking facility in the world

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Utrecht, the Netherlands will soon have the largest bike parking garage in the world with space for 6,000 bikes and another 6,500 spaces to be added by the end of the year, reports the Guardian.

The space is a large 17,100 sq meter stretch under Utrecht’s central station. By the end of the year, it will take the crown as the world’s largest bike parking garage from Kasai underground station in Tokyo, Japan.

There are 22.5 million bikes in the Netherlands and only 17.1 million people to ride them. More than a quarter of the population is reported to cycle to work and bike lanes have been congested following complaints from locals.

According to the Guardian report, another garage for 8,500 bikes is due to open in The Hague in the coming spring, the Delft central station also has room for 5,000 bikes. Amsterdam too has announced plans to build a 7,000 bike park under its canals.

"In Utrecht, there are a lot of people coming to the station on bicycles and it was a mess, bikes being left everywhere, so this was needed, we will have 12,500 places by the end of 2018. But then we will have to do some research and find more places for the bikes. It never stops. I look around and everyone is trying hard to find spaces – trying hard and fast," said Tatjana Stenfert, project manager at Utrecht station's square as quoted by the Guardian.