Taipei court denies South Korean burglar's habeas corpus appeal

DPP headquarters was robbed of NT$90,000

(By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Monday, Taipei District Court denied a habeas corpus appeal by the South Korean burglar, after he was arrested for breaking into the DPP headquarters and stealing money.

A habeas corpus, is a recourse in law, through which a person can report about unlawful detention to the court and demand the custodian of the person bring him in front of the court to decide if the detention is lawful or not.

Taiwan’s Habeas Corpus Act allows any person detained by an organ, unless by the court itself, to appeal for habeas corpus.

According to the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), the person apprehended is a South Korean man named Cho Jun-ki. He was arrested from an empty building in Wulai District, New Taipei City on Sunday after being identified as the person who attempted to rob the DPP headquarters.

The suspect reportedly appealed for a habeas corpus on Sunday evening during interrogation session at the District Prosecutors Office.

The detainee is believed to have surrendered at the point of arrest as he came out of the building with his hands raised in the air; however, he was still brought down by several policemen and his pictures were revealed to the media, which the detainee claimed was unlawful. Hence he appealed for the habeas corpus.

The appeal should be followed by a response from court within the next 24 hours, and if after verification, the court can determine the arrest to be unlawful, and the detainee should be released.

The act which was revised in late 2013 was put into effect in July 2014.

Cho however pleaded guilty during the interrogation session.

According to reports, the suspect is wanted in several countries including South Korea and Philippines. He arrived in Taiwan on July 31 and is suspected to have stolen NT$90,000 (USD2, 984) from DPP’s headquarters the next day.

He tried to flee the same day to Japan, but due to some visa issue he was turned back to Taiwan on Aug 3. He then managed to sneak pass the airport authority and ran away in a taxi.

He was arrested in Wulai after someone tipped off the police.