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Stinky tofu ranks top of the Taipei night market food

A list of top 10 night market cuisines in Taipei released Saturday

Stinky tofu ranks top of the Taipei night market food

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwanese traditional cuisine stinky tofu has been voted as the best night market food in Taipei this year, following by the oyster omelet and the chicken fillet.

The 2017 Taipei Night Market Festival held by the Taipei City Market Administration Office released a list of online voting result on Saturday, showing the most popular foods in the night markets in Taipei. The well-known stinky tofu stood out from 33 kinds of night market cuisines, which won 1,482 out of 17,000 votes.

The top ten night market foods of Taipei are: stinky tofu, oyster omelet, chicken fillet, popcorn chicken, bubble milk tea, fried sweet potato balls, ribs stewed in medicinal herbs, tofu pudding (Dohua), oyster vermicelli and night market steak.

The Taipei Night Market Festival kicked off on July 21. Eight night markets in Taipei participated in the event to promote their own features. The organizer is holding a concert at the Guanchou Street Night Market Saturday at 6pm, inviting people to celebrate the festival together in the city.