Taipei North Gate Square launched after renovation

Taipei Mayor said the Gate is to Taipei as the Arc de Triomphe is to Paris

Taipei's North Gate (Image from 柯文哲 Facebook, taken by 潘俊霖)

Taipei's North Gate (Image from 柯文哲 Facebook, taken by 潘俊霖)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The North Gate Square opened officially on Thursday in Taipei City after the renewal project started one and a half years ago.

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) attended the opening ceremony of the North Gate Square, known as Beimen (北門) in Taiwan, announcing that the gate represents Taipei as the Arc de Triomphe represents Paris.

Beimen has been one of the landmarks in Taipei. The gate was built in 1884 during the Qing Dynasty. It is the only gate among the five major gates in Taipei to maintain its original appearance, said Ko, adding that the gate has witnessed the development of the modern history of Taiwan.

Ko said the bus lane on Zhongxiao West Road (忠孝西路) was removed on the first night he took office. The Zhongxiao Bridge ramp above the gate was also torn down within six days last year. These decisions made by the Taipei City Government have made the original beauty of the North Gate visible for all.

The gate is at the crossing point of Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Rail and the Airport MRT, and the Taipei bus terminal station is also located nearby. Beimen is the first site seen by visitors when they arrive in Taipei City, added Ko.

As the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade is opening soon, on August 19 in Taipei, the city government will continue decorating the plaza with more plants and trees, hoping to make a good impressions on international visitors.

Updated : 2021-03-04 05:30 GMT+08:00