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German supermarket chain yanks eggs amid pesticide scare

German supermarket chain yanks eggs amid pesticide scare

BERLIN (AP) — A major supermarket chain is removing all eggs from sale in its German stores amid a scare over possible pesticide contamination.

Aldi said Friday the move is a "purely precautionary measure" and there's believed to be no health risk. It said that, effective immediately, it will only accept eggs tested negative for the pesticide Fipronil.

The scare, which originated in the Netherlands and Belgium, has drawn growing attention in neighboring Germany. Germany's agriculture minister and the European Commission both have said the situation is under control.

Dozens of farms were being checked in the Netherlands, and Belgium's food safety agency was probing how Fipronil might have entered eggs destined for supermarkets. Fipronil is banned in products for treating animals like chickens that are part of the human food chain.