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Photo of the day: Chuck it or flush it?

Two signs in a restroom in a Taipei Carrefour send mixed signals about what to do with toilet paper

(Image by Reddit user avocadoroll999999)

(Image by Reddit user avocadoroll999999)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwanese netizen saw two conflicting signs in Chinese posted in a bathroom Carrefour in Taipei regarding the fate of used toilet paper and posted a photo of them on Reddit on Wednesday.

The netizen who posted the image was confused as to whether the toilet paper should be tossed in the toilet or thrown in the trash. The sign on the left says, "Please throw the toilet paper into the toilet." Yet, the sign on the right says, "Please do not throw toilet paper/debris... and such into the inside of the toilet, so as to avoid blockage."

In December of last year, Taiwan's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a new campaign to convince people to flush used toilet paper, instead of depositing it in trash cans as is the custom in Taiwan, as part of an effort to improve bathroom hygiene. One possible explanation for the conflicting signs could be that the new sign on the left was posted during the latest EPA campaign, while the store staff forgot to remove the older sign on the right.

About 45 percent of Taipei citizens are still not used to flushing toilet paper down the toilet despite previous public information campaigns by the EPA, according to Taipei City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Many still toss their used toilet paper into trash bins instead of the commode out of fear that it will clog the toilet and/or the septic system. However, EPA head Lee Ying-yuan (李應元) said that experiment results show that toilet paper degrades in water.

Updated : 2021-05-13 07:00 GMT+08:00