106-Year-Old Bird Worm Seal Script Calligrapher Shows Love Never Ends

“Blessing bags” Feature Centenarian Zhao Mu-he’s Writing for the Underprivileged Elderly

106-Year-Old Bird Worm Seal Script Calligrapher Shows Love Never Ends

Chinese Bird-Worm Seal Script calligraphy, which evolved from Oracle Bone Script and was very popular during the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, has a history of nearly 2,700 years. Centenarian Zhao-Muhe, like a” young old superman”, is known as Taiwan calligrapher of Bird-worm Seal Script.

Furthermore, his calligraphy work was collected by the British Library, as the first Bird-Worm Seal Script in this second largest library in the world by number of items catalog. He brings the meaning of “live and learn” into full play: a 75-year-old backpacker to travel around Europe, got his master degree at the age of 98(The oldest master in Taiwan), and now, aged 106, keeps learning new things. He often said, “Stay alive is to live life to the fullest, leaving no stone unturned. Keep learning and do what you can do without giving trouble to anyone, if situation allows.”

Zhao doesn’t care about fame and wealth; however, he makes every effort to do charity, wherever needs him, he will step forward. He participated in charitable giving activities of Huashan Social Welfare Foundation by donating his calligraphy work and sold for good cause: supporting the perennial service fees for the underprivileged elderly.

Zhao lives in the dorm of National Kaohsiung Normal University and he takes care of himself on his own. Huashan Social Welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as HSWF) has started to serve Zhao since 2006. In the process of accompanying Zhao, he often discusses the situation that other elders who are in need of helps are encountered with.

Thus, he helped to raise funds for the poor elderly by writing “helping the elderly as the old” and selling his works on Bird-worm Seal Script calligraphy in 2011 and 2012. Five years have passed, and he still sometimes cares about those elders who live alone, are physically challenged, or suffer from dementia whether they eat their fill, dress warmly, and even have shelters to protect them from wind and rain.

This year, Zhao, at the age of 106, authorizes his calligraphy on the characters of “ping-an” and “fu”, the images of which represent “ safe and sound” and “blessing” for HSWF to print them on the blessing bags, which appeals to the society to give love and care for the underprivileged elderly together.

Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, established in 1999, has set up “community half-way station” in every township, a total of 381, all around Taiwan, even in outlying islands Kinmen and Penghu, to provide home-based geriatric day care for local communities, right on the way to build one station in a population of 50,000, bringing about penetrating the local thoroughly due to the rapid change in aging society nowadays.

Free caring services include home visits, helping house chores, accompanying to health clinics/hospitals for medical treatment, bathing, material need assistance, and transferring to proper care facility and the like. HSWF now is launching campaign raising funds for perennial services: NTD 1,250(Around USD 42) per month. It sounds like “yin-wei-you-nin” in Mandarin that means “Because of you”, which refers to that it’s because of you that Huashan has more abilities to give services for the needy. Hope everyone could join us for supporting the underprivileged elderly by donation.

Meanwhile, you can contribute to these benevolent efforts by joining the volunteer group, giving material assistance and so on. By doing so, everyone can make elders feel the care, warmth and love from the society.

106-Year-Old Bird Worm Seal Script Calligrapher Shows Love Never Ends

Updated : 2021-03-08 09:48 GMT+08:00