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Work on Yongchun regeneration site temporarily halted

Taiwan administrative court system upholds procedure

Construction on Taipei City's Yongchun regeneration site is temporarily halted.

Construction on Taipei City's Yongchun regeneration site is temporarily halted.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –Although their homes have already been demolished, today some residents of Taipei City's Yongchun district had their rights upheld by the Supreme Court.

The urban renewal of a former police dormitory near the intersection of Zhongxiao East Road and Songshan Road has dragged on for 14 years due to a disagreement over compensation terms. In 2015, Liu Te-pin (劉德玢), leader of a self-help group from Yongchun said that only four families out of more than 100 refused to accept the regeneration plan.

According to Supreme Administrative Court verdict, in 2006 Senyeh Construction Co. Ltd applied for change of use and change of land rights to the site, to the Taipei City Government. This was approved. In 2013, Senyeh put forward its plans again to the city government, which then held a procedural hearing, considered and then approved implementation.

Property owners who disagreed with the city government’s approval of these administrative procedures, undertook administrative litigation. In June, the Taipei Higher Administrative Court ruled against the Taipei City Government. It then appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court.

The Supreme Administrative Court verdict considers that the Taipei City government acted illegally in allowing the company’s project management and risk management fees to be listed in the construction options. It thus upheld the original verdict.

Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office expressed regret and says it will respect the verdict. It responded that it will strengthen the consideration of the grounds for the verdict to safeguard and protect the interests of all those concerned.

The URO said it will invite the city government’s legal department and the construction company to meet and will fully assist them in follow-up procedure. In the future, construction project management fees and the risk management fees will be incorporated as issues for discussion in procedural hearings.

Updated : 2021-08-05 12:13 GMT+08:00