Fox hit with new charges to its credibility

Fox hit with new charges to its credibility

NEW YORK (AP) — Things had started settling down following a tumultuous year at Fox News Channel before it was hit with a blaring headline, "Fake News Channel," and new questions about the independence of its journalists.

A defamation lawsuit filed this week accuses the network of making up quotes and pushing a false story that benefits President Donald Trump — even inviting the chief executive into the editorial process. Fox calls the accusations erroneous and the White House denies involvement. The story that ties a dead Democratic National Committee staff to the WikiLeaks data dump was retracted in May.

Experts say the charges, if substantiated, speak to Fox's credibility as a news organization.

Despite its tough year, Fox has generally maintained its hold on its conservative audience.

Updated : 2021-01-27 06:57 GMT+08:00