After health vote, governor calls Maine senators 'dangerous'

After health vote, governor calls Maine senators 'dangerous'

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has some choice words for the state's senators after their health care vote, calling fellow Republican Susan Collins and independent Angus King "dangerous."

LePage targeted them in an op-ed published Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal after they voted against a GOP proposal to repeal parts of "Obamacare."

LePage wrote that the two "are worse than out of touch — they are downright dangerous."

He chided King for expanding Medicaid coverage as governor, saying it nearly bankrupted the state. He said providing health care coverage to able-bodied adults through Medicaid is "tantamount to giving them another welfare entitlement."

Collins returned home to applause at the Bangor International Airport after the vote. King praised her for putting Mainers ahead of party politics.

Neither immediately responded to requests seeking comment.

Updated : 2021-04-17 11:24 GMT+08:00