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Japan to promote exchanges with Taiwan at local level

Taiwan, Japan to promote local-level exchanges.

Japan to promote exchanges with Taiwan at local level

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- According to a local association that handles exchanges with Japan, an annual summit organized by members of Japan’s prefectural assemblies will be held in late August.

The summit will be aiming to promote exchanges with Taiwan at a local level. The summit, which is organized by the Japan-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Consultation Association, is to be held in Kumamoto Prefecture on the Japanese island of Kyushu on Aug 23, said Chang Shu-ling (張淑玲), acting secretary-general of the Taiwan-Japan Relations Association in Taipei, at a news briefing.

This year’s summit will be the third one in a row and it will be attended by members of prefectural assemblies around Japan and city council delegations from Taiwan's Tainan and Kaohsiung cities, Chang said.

This year’s event will be solely focusing on improving ties and promoting exchanges between the two nations at a local level, she said, adding that officials from Taiwan’s representative office in neighboring Fukuoka Prefecture will also attend the summit.

According to Chang, the two previous summits focused on producing declarations on the development of relationships between Taiwan and Japan.

Being held in August 2015, the first summit issued a statement on strengthening local exchanges between Taiwan and Japan, while the second one, held in September 2016, resulted in a declaration issued to support Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization.