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Train-Bus Passport to be offered at disount price of NT$888

Adventure more safely with Train-Bus Passport

Train-Bus Passport announced.

Train-Bus Passport announced. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Tourism Bureau (交通部觀光局) and Taiwan Railways Administration(台灣鐵路管理局) announced today their joint-management of the Taiwan Tour Bus' (台灣觀巴) latest initiative, the Train-Bus Traveler's Passport, a collection of travel and transportation itineraries.

The Taiwan Tour Bus, a sight-seeing service catering to attractions around the island, is offering discount tickets for NT$888 (US$29) beginning August 7.

The Tourism Bureau stated that the Train-Bus initiative is intended to facilitate travel between major nodes of transportation, hotels, restaurants, and tourist landmarks. Further, the Bureau emphasized that taking the train for longer distance trips will increase traveler comfort and safety.

The NT$888 special ticket can be applied to over 100 proposed travel itineraries. Tickets can only be purchased through one of the 23 affiliated traveled agencies.

Examples of available itineraries include fruit picking, aboriginal culture festivals, museum-hopping, or exploring natural landscapes. Booking information as well as the guided tours are provided in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English, meant to encourage sightseeing for both domestic and international visitors alike. Tours range from half-day to five days in length.

On Father's Day only, August 8th, 88 of the already discounted NT$888 travel passes will be available on a buy-one-get-one free basis beginning at 8 p.m.

The Tour Bus' proposed itineraries include well-known tourist sites as well as more uncharted destinations. The 9-hour Tainan Salt Country Tour, for instance, includes: the Sicao Mangrove Green Tunnel, Beimen Crystal Church, Money Coming Grocery Shop, Beimen Visitor Center, Lunch in Beimen, Jingzijiao Tiled Salt Field, an art exhibition by Hung Tun, Cigu Salt Mountains, and bird watching, depending on the time of year.