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Agricultural losses from twin typhoons stand at NT$300 million: COA

Twin typhoons wipe out fruit and vegetables in several counties

Yilan County incurred the heaviest agricultural losses.

Yilan County incurred the heaviest agricultural losses. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI, (Taiwan News)-- Agricultural losses following the two recent weather events on July 29-30 have reached NT$280.5 million (US$9.27 million), according to the Council of Agriculture (COA).

Typhoon Nesat, with Typhoon Haitang following hard on its heels, caused heavy losses to Taiwan's agriculture industry. Not only were crops and harvests destroyed, but animal husbandry and the fishing industry were also affected.

Yilan County was the worst affected of the 22 cities and counties across Taiwan, with damage valued at NT$121.4 million, accounting for 45 percent of total losses. Other east coast counties posted smaller losses. Hualien and Taitung Counties each suffered roughly 3 percent of total losses, with damage of NT$9.67 million, and NT$9.54 million, respectively.

The central Taiwanese counties of Chiayi and Yunlin incurred damages of NT$18.07 million and NT$17.36 million, respectively, or around 6 percent each of total losses.

In the south, Pingtung County suffered the second greatest losses after Yilan, with damages of NT$76.74 million, or 27 percent of total losses.

The total cost to the agricultural sector is expected to reach NT$246.49 million with 4,772 tons of crops destroyed. The COA has designated Yilan and Pingtung counties eligible for cash assistance and low interest loans.

This includes 949 tons or NT$50.3 million worth of bananas, NT$22.216 million of shallots, NT$17.534 million worth of guava, NT$14.982 million of grapefruit and NT$14.593 million worth of bamboo shoots.

The damage to livestock is expected to be NT$12.27 million, mainly with the loss of chickens, ducks and pigs. The damage to the fishing industry is expected to reach NT$15.960 million, mainly due to losses of crimson snappers, orange-spotted groupers (estuary cod), Indian salmon, giant groupers and barramundis (Asian sea bass).