MSF rejects Italy's rules for migrant rescue ships

MSF rejects Italy's rules for migrant rescue ships

MILAN (AP) — Doctors Without Borders has refused to sign onto a new code of conduct drafted by Italy's Interior Ministry for non-governmental organizations rescuing migrants at sea.

The government drafted the code after allegations emerged that some NGOs were cooperating with migrant traffickers. Organizations were convened Monday to adopt the rules, with Save the Children signing.

Doctors Without Borders director Gabriele Eminente said in Rome that the humanitarian group refused to accept allowing armed police aboard, saying the presence of weapons "conflicts with the principals we have throughout the world."

Save the Children said its ship, Vos Hestia, already operates "in great part" according to the new rules.

The ministry had said that organizations that didn't sign the code would risk not being given access to Italian ports.

Updated : 2021-02-27 12:34 GMT+08:00