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Mass evacuation in Kaohsiung due to torrential rain

Over 5,000 people evacuated in Kaohsiung due to torrential rain

Image CNA

Image CNA

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The remnants of Typhoon Haitang, now a tropical depression, has caused heavy rainfall and strong winds to Taiwan's southern city Kaohsiung.

About 5,137 people were evacuated as of Monday morning as a result of the heavy rain and powerful wind gusts brought by Haitang.

Kaohsiung's mountainous areas have received nearly 400 millimeters of rain in the past 24 hours, while Nanzih, Hunei and Alian districts are the worst hit low-lying areas.

Meanwhile 98 mudslide warnings have been issued which led to the forced evacuations of residents in Maolin District, where a record of 382 mm of rainfall has been reported as of 7 am Monday.

Severe flooding was also reported in the southernmost county of Pingtung, where accumulated rainfall topped 663.5 mm as of 8 am. Coastal areas and the Hengchun Peninsula in the south of Taiwan have reportedly seen the worst damage, while a road was washed away in the resort town of Kenting.

The local governments said that about 300 people were evacuated as precaution and roads blocked or closed due to mudslides.

The main roads which were affected include the South-Link Highway, Provincial Highway 1 and Provincial Highway no. 26.

Reports from the Directorate General of Highways also suggest that about 62 bus services have been suspended or halted in central and southern Taiwan due to torrential rain.

Updated : 2021-05-15 01:53 GMT+08:00