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Monsoon rains wreak havoc in India

India floods: 213 killed in Gujarat as receding waters reveal more victims.

Image the Guardian

Image the Guardian

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – This year's monsoon rains in India have hit new heights and caused massive flooding and civilian casualties, including 213 deaths.

Western India has seen the worst of its nightmares with the monsoon rains hitting the Indian state of Gujarat especially hard.

According to reports on Sunday, severe monsoon floods have killed 213 people as rescuers continue to sift through villages devastated by torrential rains.

The death toll rose quickly from Wednesday's 123 to 213 by Sunday, reported the state government.

The authorities are currently overwhelmed by the situation and said they struggled to cope with the number of bodies needing identification and delays with postmortems which can confirm the latest deaths, according to reports from the Guardian.

The Guardian further quoted an official at the state's emergency control room as saying, "Only after a postmortem is conducted we can officially confirm death of a person."

"Since many bodies were found, postmortems took time, hence the sudden jump in numbers," said the official to the Guardian.

The rise is said to have been caused after rescuers plucked 25 bodies, including 17 members of one family, on Wednesday from two submerged villages in the hard-hit Banaskantha district of Gujarat.

Reports suggest that rescue workers have until now moved close to 130,000 people from the low-lying, dangerous areas as helicopters and boats continue to try and reach those who are still stranded.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reassured everyone in the state of Gujarat that all help available was being provided through his radio show on Sunday in Gujarat.

Torrential monsoon rains have hit the northeastern states of India as well. The states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh have also been affected severely with at least 77 deaths in Assam being reported. Tens of thousands of hectares of crops have reportedly been destroyed.

Updated : 2021-12-04 07:26 GMT+08:00