22 Taiwanese men arrested for telecom fraud in Indonesia

Indonesian policemen captured 22 Taiwanese and might deport them soon after

Police arrested foreigners for cyber crime in Bali, Indonesia (Photo from Indonesian National Police)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A total of 22 Taiwanese were detained in massive raids conducted by Indonesian policemen to wipe out an international telecom fraud ring operating throughout Indonesia.

After a few months of tracking, Indonesian National Police launched the raids in several locations such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam and other locations to arrest members of the telecom fraud group on the evening of July 29.

Among the suspects, there were 12 men holding Taiwanese passports captured in Surabaya and another 10 Taiwanese nationals who were found at the high-end Benoa Community on Bali Island on Saturday evening, according to Tornagogo Sihombing, Task Commander of Indonesian National Police. In addition to the Taiwanese nationals, 17 men captured in the raids were found to be Chinese citizens.

A police investigator said that one fraudster could receive approximately NT$45,400 (US$1,498) in cash each month.

The active area of the ring is quite broad and include other countries in the region, such as Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, targeting victims in China and Taiwan, said Sihombing.

Police are still investigating to determine the nationalities of all the suspects. An Indonesian Immigration Office spokesman said after the investigation is complete, the government will then inform the representative offices of the suspects before repatriating them to their respective countries.