Picasso's ceramics exhibited in Taipei

A free-of-charge exhibition in Taipei is presenting more than 50 pieces of ceramics created by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Hans Hartung.

The "Inhibited Vision" exhibition. (Source: CNA)

The "Inhibited Vision" exhibition. (Source: CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – An exhibition titled “Inhibited Vision” is presenting the ceramic work of the world-renowned Spanish artist Pablo Picasso at the Taipei Branch of the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute from July 29 until November 24.

The exhibition also includes the ceramics created by Italian artist Manfredo Borsi, German-French artist Hans Hartung, and Taiwanese artists A-Sun Wu (吳炫三) and Paloma Chang (池上鳳珠).

The institute said that Picasso, Borsi, and Hartung were the pioneers of the European modern arts. Having experienced two world wars, these artists broke through from the conventional artistic thinking at the time and established unique painting styles and creative spirits.

Wu said that even though there are only 33 pieces of Picasso’s ceramics, every piece is an exemplar of the cubist artist's creation.

“I hope that more Taiwanese ceramicists will shine on the international stage,” added Wu.

Picasso is often considered the greatest artist of the 20th century. Even though he is best known for the cubist paintings and portraits, his high level of productivity also yielded more than 2,000 ceramic work.

Contemporary with Picasso and pursuing an artistic profession in Paris, Borsi and Hartung also produced unconventional artworks that inspired many artists in later periods, according to the institute.

More than 50 pieces of ceramic work created by Picasso, Borsi and Hartung were borrowed from Sapone Family Monte Carlo International Art of Monaco, said the institute.

The exhibition is free with admission. For more information, please access the exhibition website.