Taiwan denies poaching in Indonesian waters

Taiwan Fisheries Agency denied any illegal activities by Taiwanese boats in Indonesia’s exclusive economic zone

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – On Thursday the Taiwan Fisheries Agency denied any illegal activities by Taiwanese boats in the exclusive economic zone claimed by the Indonesian government.

The agency confirmed that they had been monitoring all the fishing boats and that its system had not picked up any illegal activities by any of the seven boats accused of poaching in Indonesian waters.

The director of the Deep Sea Fisheries Division Lin Ding-rong (林頂榮), said the agency could provide evidence gathered from the monitoring system, which tracks activities of some 1,800 boats.

He further asked the Indonesian government to provide evidence to support its accusation of illegal fishing by seven Taiwanese boats on its territory.

The statement was a response to a statement made by Indonesia's Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti, who made claims a day earlier that 12 foreign boats of which, seven were Taiwanese, had been seen fishing close to Indonesia's Biak Island recently.

The boats mentioned were named the Ching Chuen Fa No. 2, Sheng Jyi Huei No. 16, Jinn Fwu Tsair No. 12, Lien Sheng Yi, Jin Maan Shyang No. 12, Jiann Fure Chyun No. 1 and Jinn Yng Lih.

The other boats mentioned included four boats from Japan and one from China.

Minister Pudjiastuti said she would file official complaints with the Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese governments as well as the International Police (INTERPOL) in order to protest against the illegal activities.

On Thursday however, Taiwan Fisheries Agency's Director-General Chen Tian-shou (陳添壽) said that the agency has not yet received any official complaint from Indonesia.