10 places you should not miss in Pingtung

How many have you visited already?


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Pingtung City Government listed the 10 most popular tourist attractions in the Taiwan's southernmost County based on popularity on social media.

When speaking of Pingtung's attractions, many people can only think about Kenting, the southernmost point of Taiwan. To promote other spots in the county, the government is inviting tourists to visit at least three places on the list of the hottest Facebook check-in spots and post images on its official Facebook page for a chance of winning the lucky draw event.

Top 10 attractions in Pingtung:

1. Mailbox-shaped post office in Fangshan Township (枋山鄉)

Unlike the traditional greenish post buildings, the post office is the first of the Chunghwa Post Company Limited's (中華郵政股份有限公司) efforts to combine local elements of place in its conception and overall design. The building is the first post office to be painted around its perimeter and powered by solar energy.

2. Rainbow campus at Mudan Elementary School (牡丹國小)

The rainbow campus is a popular spot among Taiwanese hipsters and couples. Visitors love to take photos on a set of rainbow stairs with the words "Love Mudan" written on them. It is also a beautiful place for newly married couple to take wedding photos.

3. Gaoping iron railway bridge (高屏舊鐵橋)

Tourists or rail fans who love vintage architecture cannot miss the Gaoping railway bridge when visiting Pingtung. The bridge was designed by Japanese engineer Iida Toyoji and is constructed of bricks and granite. Although the railway is no longer in operation, visitors can still see the real trains passing on the new railway next to it.

4. Taiwu bike station (泰武鐵馬驛站)

The night view at Taiwu bike station is said to be the best in Pingtung. Visitors can see the Kaohsiung-Pingtung area during the day and the sparkling city lights at night.

5. Wutai Presbyterian church (霧台基督長老教會)

The Wutai Presbyterian church, also known as "the church in heaven," is located in the mountains and often surrounded by clouds and fog. The church has the tallest cypress cross in Asia, which features aboriginal art and sculptures.

6. Rainbow container (彩虹貨櫃)

Created from 53 colorful containers, this new tourist attraction has become a popular Facebook check-in place among the young generation. It is also a creative center with many small gift shops inside it.

7. Bible museum (楠仔樹腳聖經博物館)

The Baroque architecture of this structure makes visitors feel like they are being transported to the Renaissance period. The museum has about 200 bibles from different eras which are written in several different languages.

8. Rinari tribe (禮納里部落)

The Rinari tribe was built by Machia Village, Dashe Village and Haocha Village after the three were torn down by Typhoon Morakot in 2009.  The specially designed houses are a mixture of European and Taiwanese indigenous styles, and the village is also often called the "Taiwanese Provence," like the French region of Provence.  

9. Wall painting at Taishan Elementary School (泰山國小壁畫)

A mosaic collage work featuring a Taiwanese plains aboriginal woman holding a baby is based on a picture taken by photographer John Thompson in the 19th century. Many visitors were touched by the sense of maternal love conveyed by the photograph.

10. Silin wooded roadway (泗林林蔭大道)

This 1.2-kilometer-roadway with 500 tropical almond trees on the both sides offer shade to visitors during the hot summer. Many tourist love to walk or ride bikes here along the road and enjoy the beauty of nature.

(Photo courtesy of Pingtung City Government)