The next Silicon Valley in the making: Ideas Show 2017

Taipei City hosted a two-day event for startups from around the world to gather and promote their ideas.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Ideas Show took place in Taipei city on July 25 and 26. The show brought with it multiple startups based from all around the globe.

The event was a two-day event held at the National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center (臺大醫院國際會議中心).

The Ideas Show is an annual contest where multiple startups from around the world gather together and pitch their business models and ideas to the judges in an attempt to win the contest.

The show is an initiative by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to boost startups in Taiwan as well as the country's economy.

The event celebrated its 10th anniversary this year with a total of more than 17,400 participants over the years, of whom 418 came from foreign countries and 301 from local and international teams pitching their ideas or designs for the contest. The show has been considered as a massive success.

This year’s event saw multiple startups from US, Europe, and South East Asian countries. Each startup brought in a unique idea and concept.

From virtual poultry farms to 3D screens on your iPhones, and tech startup incubators to VR, this year’s show featured a large pool of talents from around the globe.